Friday, February 29, 2008

Cleaning out the cupboards

Last night for life group, we had a party at one family's house. Besides the usual chili and conversation, we reorganized the kitchen. The mom was afraid to open some cabinets, because it would result in a shower of pots and pans landing on the floor.

It's one of those overwhelming to the point of "let's eat out instead" problems...and hard to figure out where to start. But with five of us each doing a drawer or cabinet or two, it went quickly. We narrowed the six frying pans (including one with no handle) down to three, and discovered she didn't need to buy a 9x13 cake pan--she had several already.

We found some treasures, too--a pair of earrings the mom wore at her wedding, some special artwork by her daughter, and $15.

It was a fun job, and totally rewarding.

I think sometimes we have spiritual "cabinet" jobs--what old and broken things are cluttering the way to us being productive? What treasures are buried and lost? And sometimes it takes a friend or five to help us sort everything out and find a place for everything.

Thanks, Lord, for our awesome life group and for opportunities to serve each other. Help us be the kind of friends that people will know we must be Christians by how we love each other--and not just for our physical cluttered cabinets, but our spiritual and mental ones, too.


JAN said...

I loved this post Ann. Friendship on a real, practical level!
Not to mention it sounds like fun. Friends and organizing-2 of my favorite things. :-)

By the way-your comment on "shoes" meant a lot to me. You understood what I was trying to say.

Have a great weekend!

Kim said...

What a great way to serve! I know that when it comes to tackling cabinets (both spiritually and physically) I enjoy moral support.

Heather said...

What a great group activity! The overwhelming tasks aren't so overwhelming when we have friends to help us. Hmmm, makes me think....