Monday, June 13, 2011

Dance Recital Dress Rehearsal Drinking Game

I don't drink, so this is mostly just for fun :)

Every time you're confused about the rehearsal schedule, take a drink.
When you can't figure out how to assemble the costume, take a drink.
When your child complains that their shoes are instantly too small a week before the recital, take a drink.
Every time your child loses a shoe or a piece of a costume, take three drinks.
Every time the director adds a costume or prop during the dress rehearsal, take a drink.
Every time your child complains of being tired, hungry, bored, take a drink.
If you are working backstage and someone else's child who you've never seen before needs help with costume, bathroom, or directions, take a drink.
Every time your child sees you from stage runs to you or yells your name instead of paying attention and doing their dance, give them a hug and file that memory away :)
Every time a child loses a hair piece or costume component on the stage, take a drink.
If your child throws up or has an accident on stage, take five drinks.
Every time your child is chasing imaginary butterflies instead of doing what they're supposed to, take a drink.
Every time you write another check (tickets, costume, DVD, T-shirt...) take a drink.

Every time you tear up, wondering when your child got so big, coordinated and beautiful, give thanks to God and take a picture, for this moment will not last.