Saturday, May 22, 2010

Henry's gift to his teacher a story he wrote. Considering how much he likes to write (not much!) it is a definite gift from the heart!

Mrs. F and the big, bad teddy bare

By Henry
Illastrated by Henry

(drawing on the cover includes Math City-->)
One time a gigantick bear attacked math cituy and Earth!
O.K. Here's how it started.
Astronouts found a teddy land ad started kating teddy bears from teddyland. The king of teddy land got mad . he siad "send the giant teddy bear to shrink and grow when he gets to earth." (drawing of king talking to the super-sized teddy bear)

(Next page: drawing of super-sized teddy bear, being attacked by Star Wars ships. speech bubbles with "it's nasty!" "we're dommed" "It looks like a teacher will save us!" with a caped, small teacher in the corner)

After the evle (evil) teddy bare went to Earth!

Then Mrs. F uses her superpowers to blas the big bad tett bere back to his home plant, teddy land. (Drawing of people cheering and the bear flying from earth to his home planet).