Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Top Ten Tuesdays--Signs it's time to clean house

Matilde hasn't come to clean our house since before Christmas, and I miss her! Patrick is reducing his hours at work, so we're trying to cut back, but this is one place that it might be worth it to not cut the corner!

Top ten signs it's time to clean the house

10. Your bathrooms are inhabited by dinosaurs, lego men, ponies, and other random things that don't belong in the bathroom.
9. Children under the age of 2 require close supervision, for fear of what they'll find to eat off of the floor (pirate heads? Knight swords? Princess shoes? Legos? Old cereal?)
8. There are Christmas presents (and a tree!) still waiting to be put away
7. Countertops? What countertops! They're clutter collectors.
6. The kids are sleeping in their clothes because their favorite jammies have gone AWOL.
5. In case of emergency, the back door is not accessible--it's blocked by baskets of clean laundry (at least they're clean!)
4. Finding clothes to wear means digging through said baskets
3. The cat looks longingly at the litterbox, and informs you there's work to be done
2. "Put it in the trash" is a challenge, since every trash can is overflowing...
1. Go barefoot at your own risk!

Needless to say, I collected and took out the trash, folded all the laundry and cleaned the bathrooms tonight...but the floors still aren't completely safe :) I think vacuuming and decluttering round 10 will be tomorrow's project :)

What's on your top ten list this week?


Joyful Days said...

Have you been peeking in my windows?? I did the litter boxes today and am working on the tree. :)

Kim said...

It's amazing how FAST things can get cluttered...especially with kids. I am going to try and overhaul my house today as well. Good luck!

Jen said...

Oi! I think we all get into that same boat...the one sinking with junk, laundry, trash, recycling, and a busy schedule! If you need a free hour sans kiddos to tackle something, give me a call! I know that always works for me (provided I keep me list to something accomplishable!)