Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Works for me Wednesday--fast breakfast!

Tuesdays are long days--I have class from 8-11 and lab from 1-4...and somewhere in the middle I need to get grading done and a lecture written for Wednesday. I'm also out of the "getting up early" groove, so between packing the kids' lunches, finding their clothes (both of which I try to do the night before), and getting their breakfast, mine is usually eaten on the way to work.

But I've discovered a fast, healthy, portable breakfast!
--Put piece of bread or english muffin in the toaster
--crack egg in small bowl and scramble; microwave 25 seconds
--Slide egg onto bread (add a piece of cheese if you like) and walk out of door!
voila! A homemade egg McMuffin sandwich in less than 2 minutes!
Calorie count: less than 200, yet has protein to hold me through lunch.

What's you're "works for me Wednesday"? For more ideas, visit Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer


Sister Honey Bunch said...

You are officially my new best friend.

I always struggle with getting ready, getting my kid on the bus and racing to work. I always skip breakfast and always wish I hadn't. Great idea.

Heather said...

Yep, this was me before our little one arrived, except I only had me to get ready in the am! (Imagine how much more disastrous mornings would have been!) I did this ALL the time, because I CANNOT skip breakfast.

Great tip! Makes me want to go buy some English muffins...

Wifey said...

25 seconds cooks the egg through?
This is a great tip, and one that I can use very soon, as my oldest is about to start full-day school.

Jen said...

Sounds yummy and nutritious. Have you ever tried cooking oatmeal in the micro as well? Water, quick cooking oats on high for 2 minutes (while you put on shoes and coat) and then stir in honey and raisins. Pretty yummy! That's one of Charlie's breakfast tricks. He's an absolute expert on breakfast in under 5 minutes!

Sonshine said...

I make these type of sandwiches all the time! I just take the time to make them up with the dinner the night before...I make several at once, wrap them and stick them in the fridge to just be able to pull one heat for 20 seconds and go! They freeze well too! :)

Everychapter said...

Yum, what a great idea

Amy said...

That IS funny that we posted the same idea! :) You're right, great minds think alike! I'm going to have to try what one of your prior commentors said- making these up the night before for even faster out-the-door mornings!

Totallyscrappy said...

Now that is a yummy breakfast!