Saturday, May 12, 2007


We have a huge ash tree in our yard that spews tons of seeds. Every year we rake up what we can, but we still have tons of volunteer ash trees. It's not so bad where the grass is growing, but they're prolific in the freshly dug up flower beds. We don't have mulch, so the weeds hit fertile soil and grow well. So every evening for the last several weeks, I pull baby trees, and I know Patrick has too.

I'm glad the tree is fruitful. But I wish it wasn't producing weeds! So it makes me wonder...
--Is the fruit I'm producing weed or fruit? (BTW, ask Henry to sing you the fruit of the spirit song next time you see him)
--Is there a weed in my life that I keep pulling over and over again?
--Is there something I can do that is the spiritual equivalent of barrier fabric and mulch to keep the weeds from growing?
--What should I be removing from my life, the baby weed trees or the parent ash tree?

Lord, help me identify things that are unpleasing to you in my life, and take steps to remove them and prevent their regrowth.

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