Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My freezing office

On Friday, I noticed that my office was cooler than I like it in the summer--I think it was 72 degrees. Being an energy-conscious person, I called the person who has control over my thermostat, and requested that it be set at 76 or 78 degrees. During the summer, I want to be able to wear summer clothes without needing a sweatshirt in my office!

So I stopped in to check on my plants and do a couple of little things this weekend...my office was 62, yes 62 degrees! So I'm not working in my office until it warms up!

I think the problem is the HVAC system thinks it's still winter--that when the temperature in the room is below the set point, it should blow more air. But it's summer! I need more air when the temp is above the set point, not below.

I guess it's a lesson in Ecclesiastes 3:1...There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. Right now it's the season for cooling, for blowing air when the temperature is above the set point. But it translates into our spiritual lives, too. What season is it in my life? Should I be talking or listening? Doing or waiting? Sowing or reaping?

Lord, thanks that we do have ways of regulating our temperature in buildings. Give us wisdom in figuring out what season it is, and how we should act during that season.

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