Friday, May 4, 2007

Drawing the line

Finals are over, the papers are graded, and my desk is mostly found. Now comes the not-fun part...drawing the lines. Is that score an A or an A-? Is that grade that's three standard deviations away from the next closest score a C- or a D? It's hard when the number of students in a class is small, but luckily I've taught enough years to develop some fairly straight forward lines--An A is 92 and up, an A- is 88-91, a B+ is 85-87, etc. It's nice to have clear black and white lines.

Can you imagine a class graded either A or F? Luckily, your grade isn't dependent on what you do; rather it's on who you know. Scary, isn't it? Especially for people like me, who aren't the best networkers. Well, there is a class like that; it's called life. God has a nice, clear black and white line--Jesus. Do you know him, trust him, and try to follow him? If yes, you've got an A--congratulations!

Thanks Lord, for being a straight-forward grader who is generous with the A's.

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Joe B. Whitchurch said...

Ann, you rock! Love your blog. How do you do the labels thing at the bottom of your posts so they fit a theme like 'teaching'? That is so cool.

I use blogspot too and have one at but it is pretty justice and political oriented and I like your mix of professional, personal, family and such.

I think your cheerleader husband is one cool dude too. Go Patrick!