Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Taking off the the bandaid

Henry had surgery two weeks ago Friday--he's had a hole in front of his ear since birth a "pre-aural articulation". It got infected with a fairly resistant bacteria, and the doctor recommended having it removed, so we did.

It was covered with a large 3x3, almost pure adhesive bandage over a smaller, 1x1 inch bandage/surgical strip. We took the large bandage off the Sunday night after the surgery (like the dr recommended), and it HURT! So Henry understandably didn't want us to take off the underneath one. I finally took it off tonight, and again, it HURT!

I wonder how often we have those experiences in our own lives, especially when we "put on" our own band-aids in an attempt to heal something in our lives. For example, I had a friend in graduate school that really helped me heal from some earlier experiences and warped images of myself, but man, it hurt when that band-aid was removed. Sometimes it seems like the cure is worse than the original problem, at least at the beginning.

Thanks for surgeons and thanks for bandaids...and thanks that You're the ultimate healer, not the bandaids we try to use to fix ourselves.

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Mindy said...

ouch, I hate real bandaids and the emotional bandaids. I hope Henry's ear is healing well