Friday, May 18, 2007

Harmony's prayers

Harmony is a pray-er. At dinner time, we say the prayer I said growing up, and then each person "adds" at the end. Patrick and I usually add one or two things we're thankful for, and Henry sometimes does the same. Harmony always starts with, "Thanks for my castle cake" and progress through everything she's done that day, including asking for every imagined boo boo to be healed.

Two things Harmony's teaching me: first, I can bring everything, including her hangnails, to Jesus. The second was less obvious, but Patrick pointed it out tonight: that she really appreciated the castle cake I made for her birthday. He told me that tonight, when I was showing him some pictures of bithday cakes that other moms had made, and feeling a bit inferior about what I've made the kids. Many of them are much more elaborate than what I made, and some look very professional.

But when I look at the pictures of the cakes made for Harmony, I see the imperfections in the frosting, the slight lean to the right of the cake, and the absence of a good moat. Definitely homemade, and not very professional. But what Harmony sees is a Mom who loves her and was willing to take a best shot at fulfilling her birthday party wish.

Thanks, Harmony. I needed that tonight.


Jen said...

My girls still talk about that cake, too! We all thought it was great and a far cry from anything I've ever attempted!

Mindy said...

I loved that cake! I showed the picture of it to my roommates because I was so impressed. But I totally understand, I had a similar baking experience today. So glad Harmony likes to pray for everything, sure does remind me that nothing is too small.