Sunday, May 20, 2007

Henry's first rejection :(

Henry is severely outnumbered in Sunday School--there are five or six little girls and Henry. He's usually fine with it, but after church we had a picnic. He had a great time playing soccer with Darlene, and baseball with one of the little girls. He met another almost-five year old boy, and played "5 year old hide and seek" (with hotter/colders, making the hardest part figuring out how to not find them instantly.) We played on the playground, and he had a great time swinging (with lots of underdogs).

Until...the girl gang formed. The girls, Harmony included, were playing at the top at the slide...and wouldn't let Henry join in. He was heartbroken, and sat on top of a pretend rock, crying, and didn't want me to console him. They didn't want to play with him, and he knew it.

How heartbreaking for a parent! I hope he turns to the real Rock when he meets these heart breaks throughout his life.


Mindy said...

Poor guy, hopefully he won't have too much girl rejection in his life. Too bad all the other boys at church are babies, he needs a good guy friend to talk about his bows and arrows with.

mexicanmasala said...

Poor thing!