Friday, May 11, 2007

Henry's conversations with God

The other night we went to the track with some friends. We gave the kids a job--count how many steps to the top of the stadium. The answer (at least if you trust 4 and 5 year olds) is 43.

While they were at the top, they discovered there was an echo when they yelled. So beyond the typical preschool echo sounds, Henry yelled, "Are you there, God?" and "Come down here, God! I wanna talk to you!"

It's amazing how preschoolers say what is on our hearts--I have the same thoughts some days, but don't articulate them.

Thanks, God, that you are there and hear my prayers even when I can't see or audibly hear from you.


Jen said...

I loved Henry's shout to God, too! Maybe we could take some pointers from out kids and just get to the point. I spend way too much time trying to butter God up...
I wonder whether we actually teach our kids more than they teach us?!

Jonelly said...

Neat story!