Monday, May 14, 2007


Yesterday was graduation. It's always a mixed emotion day--you're excited that they're moving on to bigger and better things, but you'll miss them too.

The student I was most excited for yesterday wasn't one of the stars in my classes. He wasn't even in the top half. He was definitely disenfranchised, not a part of the mainstream, and probably not even on the fringe. His major accomplishment was that he actually graduated! That was definitely in question the entire semester. Unfortunately he didn't walk, so I didn't get to congratulate him. I don't usually send cards to students, but I'll be sending one to him--he deserves it.

It made me think about, what things (like graduating) are the things I just "assume" will happen, but are really tough for other people? Like finding shelter, food, clean water or a safe place to sleep in one of many countries in the world? Or even my own back yard?

Lord, give me compassion for those less fortunate, and gratitude for all the wonderful things you've given me that I just assume I've "earned".

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mexicanmasala said...

That's a great gesture. I'm sure he'll always remember it. My cousin was very anti-establishment and anti-graduation, so she didn't want to walk in the ceremony. She said one teacher commended her greatly even though she wasn't the star student and she told me secretly, she walked in graduation for him. :-)