Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A long lost friend

Patrick was surfing last night, and he found a long-lost grad school friend and mentor of mine! I'm excited and nervous--she kind of fell off the planet when she graduated a year before me, and now she's resurfaced as a new professor at a prominent university!

At the same time, I'm nervous--why didn't she reply to my e-mails, or tell us where she was going? Did I do something to offend her? How do I say, "so how have the last 10 years of your life been?"

I'm sure the prodigal son's dad had those feelings for a moment--then quickly got over himself and rejoiced in what he had found. I think I'll do the same and go write an e-mail to her!

Thanks Lord that my friend is doing well and for bringing an opportunity to reconnect with her. Thanks for finding the lost, especially me.


Jen said...

Ooooo! What's so cool is God has been re-shaping and molding you ( and probably her!) in ways you might not have noticed. It will be great to hear how your re-connection goes! I'm sure God has something in mind in you findng her again. Perhaps you'll be able to encourage her or vice versa!

Jonelly said...

That's neat! The Internet is great for being long lost people. :)