Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Home, sweet home!

I'm home! I was in DC for a meeting from Friday until today. It was fun and busy.

While I was there, I participated in the Walk America for March of Dimes. It was a beautiful day, and was inspiring to see the families walking in honor of their preemies (who were obviously doing well now)...and the families walking in memory of their child. What upset me, though, was that a branch of PETA was passing out brochures, asking the March of Dimes to use more "humane" methods. Sorry, but I'd much rather they test the next (most likely successful, given the MoD's track record) treatment on mice than on preemie babies.

Anyway, my family's reaction to my return was interesting. I met Patrick for lunch before heading home, and he was definitely happy to see me. Similarly, Harmony yelled "Mommy!!!" and sat in my lap for a good 10 minutes when I picked them up from the playground at school. In contrast, Henry was so busy playing he didn't even say hi. One of the teachers caught his attention, and said "Your mommy's back!" He finally came to see me, but was more interested in pulling up my shirt and looking at my back, to see what the teacher was talking about!

It makes me wonder, what will my response be when Jesus comes back? Will I be excited to see him, and cuddle in his lap? or will I be so busy with my own life that I don't even notice, despite people pointing him out to me?

Lord, come home soon!

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Jen Henze said...

Here's what i hope I do when Jesus says, "Come up here!" I hope I drop everything I'm so tightly holding to right now and just let go. I hope my only thought is of seeing His face and the glory of God. I hope my mind has no other thought than Jesus. I hope I'm not worried about anyone or anything else. I hope I don't look back or to the side or down. I hope I find sweet relief in knowing that my work in this world is over and my new job is Chief Worshipper of the Almighty.
That's what I hope, anyway. I think Jesus will have to make up for my shortcomings, though!