Saturday, May 19, 2007

One ways all going the wrong direction

Henry's last soccer game was today. We were running a little late, so I tried to make up some time. Instead of waiting in line behind several cars to turn left across traffic, I decided to turn a couple of blocks early--I figured I'd turn right and then left again. I even noticed what the car was I would have been behind, so I'd be able to gauge if I actually saved any time.

But as I went down the street, all the cross streets were one ways--going the wrong direction, followed by a dead end. I decided that *couldn't* be right, so I went around (to the left, not the right like I wanted) the block, and yup, no way to go to the right. So I ended up going back to the street I had just turned left off of, turning left across traffic, driving two blocks, and turning left across traffic AGAIN. So much for saving time.

So God, what are you trying to teach me from this experience? As always, I'm open to suggestion. Perhaps it's one of my favorite movie quotes applies here--"Rush a miracle, get a rotten miracle" from The Princess Bride. Maybe I should just slow down and wait in line--that's what I did when I got behind someone going 50 mph in a 60 mph zone on the way to a baby shower today (and yes, I was already late). Even though I managed to slow down, it just made me even more stressed about being late.

A second possibility is something about going in circles. Or maybe it's something about God shutting doors....or perhaps directing my path. To be honest, I'm too tired, both physically and spiritually, to sort this one out tonight. But I know there is a lesson in there somewhere...

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