Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Henry's pink toes

How do you hide an elephant in a strawberry patch?
You paint his toenails red!

Last Sunday Henry tried this joke, and found out that the elephant is still visible :) Harmony received some bright pink nail polish for her birthday party, and wanted to wear it on her toes to church. Henry wanted some too, but since he already had his socks and shoes on, I just painted his fingernails instead.

That night at bedtime snack, Henry remembered the painted toenails, and decided he really wanted some. I promised to do it after snack time, but not right now--I didn't want to burn the popcorn. While I was in the kitchen, he climbed onto the vanity, got the polish off the top shelf, and tried to do his own toenails...while he did get pink toenails, he also got pink countertop, floor, rug, leg and tub...needless to say, Henry got no bedtime snack. (The picture was taken today, after mommy did his toenails after bathtime.)

But I've been wondering, how many times do I pull a Henry, and try to do something on my own schedule and by my own power, and end up making a horrible mess?

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