Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect Harmonese...

Last night after dinner, Harmony stated quite plainly, "Look at the grape on my foot!" Since we did have grapes as part of dinner, I imagined that either she stepped on one or somehow got one stuck to her foot--food has a way of finding her. But when I looked at her foot, there wasn't any grape on it. But when I said that, she was very insistent that there was, indeed a grape on her foot...and it merited a bandaid.

At that moment, I realized that what she was talking about was a SCrape on her foot. She fell off the retaining wall this weekend while I was gone, and scraped her hand, foot and elbow.

What Harmony doesn't have is initial S sound dipthongs--scrape is grape, smoke is moke, snake is nake, and spoon is boon. Though she has a lot to say, you have to use context to figure out what she is saying sometimes.

I'm not quite sure what the spiritual lesson is in this it that I need to make sure I'm saying what I mean? Is it that sometimes I mis-hear God, and need to check the context so I'm not looking for a grape on my foot? Hmm...I'm sure there is a lesson in there, let me know which one resonates with you!

Thanks, Lord that you say what you mean and mean what you say. Help me to have open ears to hear you.

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Jen Henze said...

I'm thinking that we all have problems saying (to God) what we mean in an intelliglible way. Praise God for the work of the Holy Spirit who intercedes for us when all we can do is moan and groan! I think God allows us to speak to us in any way we can muster and we can trust that He understands, even better than we do, what we are saying, why we are saying it and what His response should be. I'm ever so grateful for His grace in this area...especially today!