Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The finish line

The last mile of the mini-marathon, I wanted to kick it in, but my body didn't agree. But when the finish line was in view and I saw that if I hoofed it, I could finish at a round 2:31, that motivated me to do it. (2:30 would have been nicer, but it was already 2:30 by the time I saw the timer!)

The finish line spanned the entire road. After crossing the line, there was a long line on the side where volunteers cut off the chip that had been recording your time and handed you a medal. A few steps farther, there more volunteers, passing out water bottles, bananas, apples, cookies, chips, sports bars, and other goodies. Can you imagine a pile of 13,000 bananas? It was a pretty incredible pile. Finally, there were photographers, taking pictures of individuals and groups who had completed the race.

It was an interesting glimpse into heaven--trading in the record of my life for a medal. But in heaven, it won't be a medal I've earned, but rather, one Jesus earned for me. And I'm hoping the banquet is better than some fruit and carbs to go!

Lord, help me keep my eyes on the prize, and be ready to trade in my measly record for your glory.

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Jonelly said...

Insightful posting. :)