Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Lots to be thankful for this week:

--Our insurance is NOT dropping the local hospital (at least that's the word on the street). Yipee! That means not driving an hour for a 5 minute OB appt (or to deliver the baby) for the next five months!

--Henry has made fast friends with the boys upstairs.

--Henry is very excited about the summer reading program (at least he was until I got on him for drawing all over his record card). He's been wanting to read books left and right (so he can check off another box)--and they haven't all been easy readers. Yesterday morning it was a Bible story book, and the only words he got hung up on where Philistines and threw...not bad for not having started school yet!

--I got a new camera (with a lens that opens--mine died) and Patrick got a 3D lens to go on my work SLR camera.

--The kids (especially Harmony) are getting excited about going to Grandma's house while we're in Mexico.

--Jen's family had a good time on their vacation, and are back--we missed them!

--For a great strawberry crop this year.

--Harmony did a beautiful job in her dance recital (much better than the rehearsal). We'll definitely be sticking with that studio if she decides to continue--there were several pieces set to distinctly Christian music, and she prayed with the girls before the show.

--That Patrick and I have flexible jobs, so we can take time to go strawberry picking (pictures later :)) or just hang out with the kids.

--That even though Patrick has gone to part time work, somehow we're still able to afford everything--we haven't cut back our tithe, mortgage payment (we pay a payment and a half every month), or child care spending (the three biggest "chunks" of our budget--though we have been more careful with groceries, eating out and gas (woo hoo to not commuting as much!)).

Thanks, Lord for providing good friends, jobs, and abundantly giving to us. Help us be good stewards of all of it.


Chris said...

What a wonderful TT list-especially how God provides even in the lean times-He is so faithful

Anonymous said...

I loved your TT post - hope things continue to go well for you in all areas under God's care!

Anonymous said...

Lovely TT. God is so faithful! Thank God for His provision. Blessings

Jen said...

PTL about the insurance...never early, never late, right on time as usual!

Anonymous said...


I am a day late in reading your TT, but I wanted to say thanks for posting them. As I mentioned on my blog I am new and not savvy on "blogging", but I have started to read yours regularly and find much inspiration from it. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Great post! God's provisions always amaze me. He is so good to us!

The strawberries sound wonderful! Wish I could stop by for some!

eph2810 said...

That is so neat the your beloved was able to cut back on this work and has more time for the family - awesome!!!
Cool that you don't have to make the long journey to the hospital.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us.

Blessings to you and your precious family.