Monday, June 9, 2008

Menu planning Monday....a failure

I know that if I don't have a plan, it spells bad news for the week. And I don't have a plan. There is tons of food in the house, but I have no clue what we're eating...other than working on stuff from the freezer and trying to not eat out.

So if you're inspired, send some my way!

L: Harmony got leftover mac and cheese, Henry got a ham sandwich. They both got cantalope, strawberries, and chocolate milk.
D: Homemade Pizza (we made two, as we had two extra kids for dinner)

L: Leftover pizza, fruit, veggies and milk
D: Breakfast (I have tons of eggs and bacon that needs to be used)

Wednesday: (Here's where we run into trouble...)
L: Grilled cheese, veggies
D: Curry chicken with veggies and couscous?

L: Remaining pizza
D: Some kind of pasta with salad

L: ??
D: Strawberry festival!

L: Strawberry festival!
D: Middle eastern dinner party at a work colleague's

So if you're feeling inspired, send some my way...Though the Strawberry Festival gets us off the hook a little...we got $5 free per person from work, but that's not going to even be close. At least I know where our eating out budget is going this week :) I think I'll be reading everyone else's menu plans for some ideas!

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