Sunday, June 29, 2008

Island of misfit toys

We had an all church picnic today. In true RVC style, it threatened to rain (in the pre-service days, I think it rained or threatened to at every gathering!) Maybe it was because no one else from our life group was there (nap time + softball + vacation + moving), but I distinctly felt like we/I don't fit there. It's definitely a group of young, cool, beautiful people, and I'm none of the above.

So guess instead of Patrick and I having re-entry, I'm having church re-entry. It probably doesn't help that I haven't actually been to the service in several weeks (out of town last week, I was teaching this week and the two weeks before, and I couldn't get everyone out of the house on time for 1st service). Everyone is friendly, but I just don't fit. Not that I'd fit better anywhere else. I love doing kids' church and all the kids, but I'm not a toothpick, early twenties, "in group" person. We (at least I) should not be leading a life group--we have the slowest growing (currently a negative growth rate, with people moving) group.

Thanks for the reminder, God, that we're not supposed to fit anywhere here on earth.

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Jen said...

We ALL feel that way at times. When it happens at church, it's important to really let God cast those thoughts far away. Being excluded or feeling that way is not part of His design for His body and when we feel like that, it's from the enemy.

But, I know how you feel...

Also, you never know how many other people might have had the same feeling or thought. Maybe God will use you to touch someone else that feels marginalized or like they don't fit in with everyone else.