Thursday, June 5, 2008

Learning another language

In less than two weeks, Patrick and I will be in Mexico, sans kids. I've had one semester of Spanish in college and two years of French in high school--just enough of both to confuse them. And Patrick knows enough Spanish to request the table by the window at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

But I don't think that's going to suffice for the three days we'll be touring on our own there, so I've been working on learning some more Spanish.

What I find interesting is that they teach you how to ask the question--"Donde esta el cuarto de baƱo?" but not how to understand the answer. I have no idea what the response would be--how do you say, "The third door down the hall, on the left hand side?" Maybe we'll need to hire a translator!

Isn't that true in our prayer life too--we're awfully good at asking for things, but pretty poor in hearing the answer. Good thing we've got a translator, the Holy Spirit.

Lord, help me to listen as well as talk when I pray. And thanks for sending us the "great translator", the Holy Spirit, who can speak our language as well as yours. Help us listen and obey.


Kim said...

Have fun! I know that sometimes I need to tune my listening ears when talking to Jesus. Good thoughts.

The Rock Star said...

I do not leave comments very often. Just saying hey there... I always read the blog...