Friday, June 13, 2008

Ten things you should know about the Strawberry Festival

It's Strawberry Festival weekend! It's a fun time in the "big" city--if you live close, I hope you'll join us sometime--we're always up for another funnel cake :) I know it's not Tuesday, but here are some tips...

1. The best place to park is at our house. Pretty much you won't get closer without pain.
2. BYO water bottle. We'll have our fridge stocked if you need one!
3. Tickets for food are 50 cents each--prices range from 1 ticket (cheap drinks) to 24 tickets (a whole pumpkin roll).
4. If you don't want water, Mt. Zion has iced tea for 1 ticket, and Tri-Kappa has cans of soda for 1 ticket.
5. The grounds are non-smoking--yipee!
6. If you actually want to eat strawberries, try the tractor people's "the works"--cake, ice cream and strawberries for $4 (just outside the grounds, so it's cash). The ice cream is homemade, and cranked by an old time tractor--worth watching while you eat.
7. BYO chair if you want to enjoy the entertainment.
8. There are picnic tables and hand washing facilities.
9. One of the churches in town usually does a free drawing for a great playhouse. Definitely register.
10. If you only eat one thing, it should be Norvell's BBQ--it's what we ate 11 years ago our wedding rehearsal dinner! We sent my uncle down here to pick it up. Somehow he found Norvell and got the food back...dinner was only an hour late :)

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Jen said...

I had a VERY hard time resisting the funnel cake! I had to force myself to walk quickly in the direction of the van holding my breath so I couldn't smell the wafting scent...they are my festival and carnival weakness!