Monday, June 2, 2008

Menu planning Monday

Well, it's legally still Monday for a few more hours! And if I don't get a plan, we'll be in trouble soon. Right now we're dealing with hiking trip left overs--specifically bread and ham (the packages were open, so we couldn't donate them). We also have four open containers of peanut butter (I brought new jars from our stash at home to the hiking trip) and eighteen eggs. So mission #1 is to use up that stuff! We'll be eating lots of strawberries, since they're ripening right in our front yard!

L: Ham sandwiches, watermelon (the end!) and pudding
D: French toast, bacon, strawberries and chocolate pudding

L: Left over french toast, fruit, milk
D: Sausage, green beans and potatoes; salad; strawberries

L: Mac cheese for Harmony, hot dogs, apples,
D: Monte Cristo sandwiches, strawberries,

L: Ham or PBJ sandwiches, salad, apples
D: Patrick's in charge :)

L: Kid's choice
D: Pasta

Saturday (Harmony's recital)
L: Grilled cheese, salad, fruit
D: Probably out with the grandparents

What's on your menu? For ideas, visit MPM!

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Jen said...

I don't know home much ham you have, but it freezes well if you wrap it tightly in plastic wrap. We do that sometimes when it's a good $1 deal.