Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Paperwork in order

Passports, meeting registration, e-tickets...check.
Will, medical release forms...check.
Reservations for places to stay...check.
Places for the kids to stay...check.
Itinerary...mostly check (somewhat flexible, but there is a general plan).
Packing...gotta do laundry first.

Being ready to go on a trip...not even close! It's as much mental as anything. It's a long time to be gone from the kids, and while I know they'll have a blast at friends' house and grandma's, I'm going to miss them! It's strange leaving all these permissions--medical release forms and making sure all the legal stuff is in order. Not the kind of stuff you want to think about, but need to.

And my calendar is completely out of whack, since Monday was "Sunday part II". Hope I don't forget to go to my haircut appt tomorrow afternoon!

So if the blogging is thin, that's why...I might schedule some posts, but we'll see how packing and everything else goes!

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