Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Top Ten Tuesdays

The Top Ten things I love about my children:

10. How Harmony has learned to say "spoon" instead of "boon" and "scrape" instead of "grape"
9. Henry will play with his knights with rapt attention and great detail.
8. That they both like to crawl in and snuggle with us in the morning...even though it's sardines in our bed
7. Harmony uses BIG gestures and facial expressions when she talks.
6. Henry would eat an apple...or three...every day.
5. Harmony loves to play beautiful princess, complete with jewelry and makeup, even though I wear neither.
4. Henry likes to have his nail polished too...but just his toenails, so his buddies won't see it.
3. Harmony brings books to bed with her every night--they're one of her favorite things.
2. The little rituals they've created, like counting before we pray and the seatbelt song, that are unique to our family.
1. My kids have shown me such great things about God, prayer, love, grace, reaching others, and so many other things...

What's on your top ten list this week?


Misty said...

truly beautiful... These are great things to appreciate. We can learn so much about God from our children but there are days when I am so focussed on the frustrations...

Love Bears All Things said...

Maybe when your gram's things are sorted there'll be something you can save for your children. My parents died within 16 months of each other and we sorted their belongings last January. I saved two of my Mothe's aprons for my two granddaughters. There is even a picture of the princess in hers somewhere on my blog.
Mama Bear