Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Top Ten things that we need after coming back from vacation

10. Clean laundry
9. Groceries
8. Sidewalk and driveway shoveled (we did get that done)
7. Snacks to share at preschool tomorrow
6. Draft of lab manual for next semester
5. Decorations up, or at least located
4. A cat who isn't acting like static cling, sitting on my arms while I type
3. Christmas cards to write themselves
2. A lab elf to run my experiment during a meeting tomorrow
1. A little Christmas spirit!

Yes, we're back...and I'm completely overwhelmed. The good news is that our house WAS cleaned by our fairy godmother--I forgot that I scheduled Matilde to come today, and she was patiently sorting through the disaster we left on Wednesday! Ahh, there is nothing like coming home to a clean house...

What's on your top ten list?


Kim said...

I hear ya on coming back to a clean house...Although mine doesn't appear so clean once all the luggage landed in the kitchen. Hope that you can get caught up soon. I am making my to do list today that will probably mirror your top-ten. Have an awesome day!

the rockstar said...

Well, I found you two lab elfs!


Ann said...

Too cute, Jonell--but can he pipet and operate an autoclave :) ?

JAN said...

I loved your comment about a cat acting like static cling. :-)
I have a 6 year old that acts just like your cat!

the rockstar said...

In time, I think the elves could be trained. Give them like 15 years. ;)