Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Top ten Tuesday--Prayer requests

The choices today for "Top Ten" were books we've worn out or prayer requests. In the name of transparency, I'll go for the latter.

10. Healing for Jen's baby.
9. For Baby Burke to stay put, grow fast, and survive without major problems--mommy's water broke several weeks ago, and she's only 24.5 weeks.
8. For his mommy to be able to grow closer to you in a very long haul of bedrest.
7. For Henry to have a great experience in school, with a wonderful Christian teacher, peers who are good influences, and opportunities to share Christ with others.
6. For Harmony to adjust to Henry not being at school with her, and her not being the "baby" anymore (there are lots of requests for me to do things she's been able to do for a long time, like clear her dishes, dress her...)
5. For a great childcare for our baby.
4. For a replacement for me at work, so at least I have a normal load instead of an overload.
3. For a more positive attitude for me about this baby--for some reason I feel like since all the details we need to fall into place (very soon) aren't, the pregnancy isn't going to actually result in a live baby (despite all the tap dancing on my bladder right now).
2. For healing and comfort for those who have been hurt by a recent decision by our church leadership.
1. Unity in our church--for us (personally and our church) to look like Christ and point people to Him, instead of pointing at each other or things that distract us from Jesus.

No wonder life has felt heavy lately. Some weeks it's hard to figure out what the eighth through tenth items should be (usually placed in the middle of the list), but I could have kept going--for my classes, for my advisees adjusting to college life, for me to have witnessing opportunities at school this year, for colleagues, for new babies and their families adjustment period...there is just a lot going on right now.

Lord, thanks that we can bring everything to you. The list is long--but You're big. Give us vision for how (and that) You will work everything out for good.

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