Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bargain hunting---lots of groceries for $30!

This was not my normal grocery trip for the week--we needed milk, and a few things for meals this week. (I already went and stocked up on chicken breasts ($1.99/lb) and pork loin ($1.97/lb). So while I was there, I decided to partake of some great deals...

2 boxes of Miniwheats (Patrick and Henry's favorite) $4
2 boxes of Raisin Bran @ $2 each $4
4 boxes of Nutrigrain bars @ $2.50 each $10
2 Keebler Cookies @ $2 each $4
2 boxes of Rice Crispies treats (PB& chocolate ) $3
2 Betty Crocker cookie mixes $3
2 Betty crocker frosting $3
2 BC Fruit snacks $4
1 Betty Crocker Mini Bowls $2
1 Welch's juice $2
1 Kroger Instant oatmeal brown sugar 10 pk $1.50
1 Welchs Twist Juice* $2
1 Lactaid milk w/extra calcium* $3.99
2 Kroger milk* 1/2 gallon $2.67
1 Kroger instant oatmeal (canister)* $2.39
1 Cran-grape juice* $2.49
1 Margarine* $0.86
1 pkg of fresh mozzarella (a very good price!)* $1.79
1 baking soda* $0.73
1 baking powder* $1.23
2 lbs cherries (I love cherries, and good price!)* $1.50

Total before coupons: $60.88
2 Buy 10 get $5 off (Kellogg and BC items) -$10
-$1/2 Raisin bran (this week's Sunday coupons)
-$1/2 Nutrigrain bars (ditto)
-$1/2 Keebler cookies (ditto)
-$1/2 Rice Crispies treats (ditto)
-$1/2 -2x0.50 BC cookie mix (www.coupons.com)
-2x0.50 BC frosting (www.coupons.com)
-0.55 BC Warm Bowls
-0.50 doubled to $1 BC Fruit snacks (a couple week's ago paper)

Total after coupons: $43.88

Minus Kellogg's $10 off of 10 rebate from this week's paper: $33.88

And I used a Kroger gift card that I got in July, when they had a "buy a GC with $300, get it credited with $330" deal, so it was more like $30 of "real" money :)

The total from the things on my actual list (starred above) was $17.45, so comparatively, I spent more than sticking to my list. But the cereal and nutrigrain bars are staples around here, so getting 4 boxes of cereal and 4 boxes of bars for $4 (after coupon and rebate) was too good of a deal to pass up. The cookie mixes ended up being $0.50, cheaper than a batch of homemade (at least for the double chocolate chunk I got :)), and we'll use the frosting ($0.50 after coupon and buy 10 deal) for Henry's birthday cake. The Rice Crispie Treats and Keebler cookies were free :)

So lots of treats I wouldn't usually buy, but when an entire package is cheaper than a candy bar, it's hard to pass up.

If you want to see other bargain hunting conquests, check out www.moneysavingmom.com


Jen said...

I love to find great deals and now you have a nice stash of the extras that always cost more than you want them to!

Merrimom said...

Wow, you got some great deals!

I found your site through moneysavingmom, and just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your posts.

I had a similar shopping trip today. Ended up purchasing way more than was on my original list, but the deals were so good I couldn't do without!!!

Summer said...

your bargain hunting is impressive and inspiring. i'll give the web-site a try. our groccery bill is going through the roof and i'm nervous about adding another mouth soon. thanks for sharing the good deals!