Thursday, August 21, 2008

The great reunion

Tonight my major professor from grad school hosted a reunion dinner for all the students who have ever worked in his lab-- a 30 year time span. It was fun to see friends I'd spent so much time with, and cool to meet people that I had only met on paper. Some names came back quickly, others took more work. Stories of past adventures and dramas came back, clear as day, which had been long forgotten. We wondered about people who weren't there--were they busy? Didn't get the invitation?

Makes me think about an even better reunion we'll enjoy someday--what stories and adventures will we be able to recall? I hope we'll have lots of great stories of how God worked in and through us, sometimes in unexpected ways.

It also made me wonder, what can I do to make sure the people I know and love get the invitation and make time to show up?

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