Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Works for me Wednesday

One of the smartest things we brought on our weekend trip was water bottles.

Harmony's is Hello Kitty, and Henry's is Cars (I have a plain purple one from our doctor, and Patrick's is from a meeting). The night before we left, I half filled them with filtered water and froze them. In the morning, I topped them off with filtered water. Voila--drinks for in the car that are relatively kid proof! Every morning in the hotel we washed the lids, filled them to the brim with ice and then cold water.

We saved at least $40 on drinks, because everywhere we went, we had our own cold one. If we were going somewhere not appropriate to bring a water bottle (like the organ concert), we left them in an insulated bag in the car. We use them for local trips too--any drive over a mile, and the kids want them with us.

So that's what worked for me this week! Please join Shannon to share what works for you, or see what works for others!


Annie said...

thanks for the reminder about bringing water bottles on trips! You're right, it would save me a load of $ and a few fights.

Jen said...

We do the same thing, though we dont' have cool cartoon cahracter bottles:( The girls fought over them so much we had to switch to plain Jane colors. But, it's a mood saver, too, when the weather is hot...even if we're just headed to the grocery or Wal-Mart!

Muthering Heights said...

It's better for the environment too!