Monday, July 28, 2008

CVS trip

I got a $10 off of $50 coupon on my last transaction--why do the smaller coupons (like $4 off of $20) seem easier to work with? I did stick to my rule of only buying what we will use (like favorite deodorant brands and cents). It's not a killer oop, but is what we needed.

4 14 oz packs of M&M's $10 (to make Monster cookies)
2 Degree deodorants $3.98
1 Hello Kitty Bandaids $2.99 (for the queen of bumps, bruises and scrapes)
1 Charmin 12 double rolls $6.49
2 Stayfree maxi pads $9 (stocking up for when baby arrives)
1 Tylenol Extra Strength $6
Mylanta $5.50
1 CVS pantiliner $.99
1 20 oz deluxe nuts $4.99 (a favorite snack)
Plastic cups $2.99 (for a meeting tomorrow--original purpose of trip)

Total: 52.93

Minus: $10/$50
0.25 Charmin
1.00 Tylenol
4.50 BOGO Stayfree
1.00 off 2 Degree
1.00 off Bandaids

Total: 34.68 plus 2.41 tax: $34.09

Minus: 3.00 ECBS from previously

Earned Extra Care Bucks:

$5 (from $10 candy)
$10 (from buying $20 J&J products)
$2 (from Bandaids)
$0.99 (from CVS pantiliners)

Total: $18.10 (Total paid minus ECBs earned)

If I didn't have the $10 off of $50, and you wanted to do the $5 CVS challenge, you could do multiple transactions like this:

Transaction 1:
2 CVS pantiliners 1.98
1 Bandaid product 2.99
minus Bandaid coupon -1

total OOP: 3.97+tax
Earned ECBs: 3.97

Transaction 2:
2 Stayfree pads $9
J&J products totalling $11 (bath buddies are cheap ($1) and if you use the 2/$2 coupon, they're free)
BOGO coupon -4.50
J&J coupons from company website or here
ECBS -3.97
OOP: variable + 0.53 + tax
Earn $10 in ECBs

Transaction 3:
Photo DVD (think Christmas present!) $9.99
-$10 ECB
0 oop
Earn 9.99 ECB
Can repeat this transaction several times.
NB: I tried a photo deal last week, and it was kind of a pain. Definitely put all the pics you want on a single memory card, and upload the whole thing to save time.


Alyssa @ KeepingTheKingdomFirst said...

Thank you for participating in this week's $5 Challenge! I hope to see you back again.

I love the title of your blog, by the way.



Anonymous said...

Ann, You amaze me! I tried doing the coupon deals, and I find myself overwhelmed and confused on what to do each time! Thanks for all your inspiration and notes on your blog... and Thanks for the comments on our blog. It is nice to know others enjoy seeing the blog! Thanks! Sheri Helms