Wednesday, July 2, 2008

CVS deal--0 out of pocket!

I don't think I've ever had a "pay nothing out of pocket" trip before--it's a bit of a trip! While in reality it cost me $4 (in ExtraCare Bucks), I'm still happy about providing for my family without much money being involved. I did get a $5 off of $25 coupon that I tried to figure out how to use, but in the end, I'm saving it for another week.

2 Chex mix, 2/$3
1 Kashi cereal and 1 Kashi granola bar, 2/$5
1 CVS pantiliner $0.99
1 gallon of milk, 2.99 (what I really came in for)
2 Sure deodorants, 5.98

Total: 17.97 plus tax

2 $1/1 Chex mix (printable)
2 $2/1 Kashi (from; register, and use the back button to print a second)
$1 Sure deodorant (5/11 smartsource)

subtotal: 10.97
Minus: $10 ECBs from before, $1 ECB from spring spending
OOP: 0!

Earned: 3.99 ECBs
Plus Sure rebate (from 5/11 smartsource) for $3 (I ended up earning $1 minus postage for the deodorant!)

So all together, I spent $11 (in ECBs) and earned 3.99 ECB + $3 rebate. Not bad considering we were completely out of milk (which was $3 of the $4 I spent)!

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