Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday

Here are the top ten things my kids have argued about this week:
10. Whose turn it is to use the bee spoon.
9. Whose turn it is to take the last bath.
8. Whose turn it is to pray last. (Is it strange that my kids fight over being last?)
7. Whose turn it is to sit by mom. (sensing a turn taking trend?)
6. Whose turn it is to pick a movie for rest time.
5. Which movie to watch at rest time.
4. Which transformer has the most power.
3. Whether our cat would be a good mommy.
2. Whether Obi Won Kenobi is wearing "girl scout tights" or pants.
1. Whether Funshine bear is a boy or a girl.

Never a dull moment with preschoolers in the house :)


Jen said...

I love #2!

My mom said my brother and I used to fight constantly over whose turn it was for everything...that is, until she decided that when we argued like that, it was her turn and we usually didn't like her choice...i.e. her turn involved neither of us sitting with her, but both of us sitting on our beds for 10 minutes.

Oh, and my girls would emphatically argue that ALL the care bears are girls, except Oopsie Bear becasue only boys make "oopsies." That's a house full of girls for you!

Summer said...

funshine is totally a boy... says my three year old.
i love turn taking fights. refer to my blog about whose turn it was to carry around the mouthwash bottle.