Sunday, July 13, 2008

Walgreens deal

I tried shopping for bras this afternoon, and the score was bras: 10. Me: 0. How can a 38C be too small but a 40C (and 40B) be too big? And why don't they make 40As?

So I needed a shopping victory, so I went to Walgreens. Here's what I got:

Electrosol 12 pk $2.19
2 Quattro disposable razors, 5.99 each
2 pkgs of envelopes 0.99 each
2 crayola 10 pk markers 0.99 each
Chocolate chip granola bars 1.00
2 Colgate toothpastes 3.49
Loaded chocolate bar 0.99

Subtotal 37.80

3.00 Colgate (walgreens ad coupon)
0.98 Envelopes (walgreens ad coupon)
$2/2 Colgate Easy Saver Walgreens coupon
$4.00 Quatro Easy Saver coupon
2 $1.50 Colgate coupons from All You (July and April?)
5.99 BOGO Quattro coupon (today's paper)
2.00 Electrosol paper (today's paper--listed at 2.25, but rang as $2??)

Grand out of pocket: 7.68 (after tax)

Rebate: 0.99 (chocolate bar)

So the electrosol was 0.19 (should have been free, but good enough), the candy bar was free after rebate, and I made a dollar on the toothpaste (anyone need some toothpaste? Even though I only get it when it's free, we have a ton). We're out of envelopes, and the markers are for school for Henry (I'm assuming--still don't have a list from school). I had a gift card for 7.69 from last month's rebates, so I really paid nothing! Defiitely made up for the bra shopping :)


Kim said...

You are the queen shopper. Take me with you next time. :-)

Innocent Observer said...

My one good bra was in really (REALLY) bad bad that I wouldn't even toss it out at the store because I didn't want anyone to see it, but I had been wearing it for YEARS because I couldn't find anything else. The hospital (lactation dept) could get one to fit me, but it had weird clips that I couldn't do. Sigh. Anyway, I finally found one that fit last week. YEA!

Try going with a 38D, DD, or F. Bra sizes are so wonky...changing the cup size can increase (or decrease) the band by and inch. Dumb.

Good luck!