Saturday, July 26, 2008

Doing Life together

Our church calls our small groups "life groups"--the goal is for us to "do life together." It's one way we try to look like an Acts 4 church--sharing everything (time, resources, burdens...). For example, in the last couple of months our life group has helped a family in our group pack for a move, gone to a local water park, shared ice cream, prayed for each other, and studied Phillipians. One thing I struggle with is that it's hard to really "do life" (like the spontaneous "I need emergency childcare right now") when you live 30 miles away.

We've been doubly blessed, though--really, we have a second life group in the town we live, made up of a couple of families. While we don't all go to the same church on Sunday morning, we're part of one body. We pray for each other, hang out together, share meals, and just generally "do life" together. Like yesterday--our kids had a great play date while one of the moms had a stressful appointment, and we had a weinie roast at a second friend's house within walking distance. The kids had a great time playing, the adults got fellowship time and/or time to do what was necessary, and Jesus was definitely there. Everyone all around was blessed.

And in a wierd way, I have a third "Life Group"--through the blogosphere and a bulletin board I'm on. A way to share what's happening in each other's lives, and support one another in words and prayer.

Thanks, God for making us to be relational, and putting friendships in our lives.

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Kim said...

Yea for doing life together!