Monday, March 3, 2008

Some days I think I live on another planet

It's spring break--woo hoo! Too bad I'm up to my eyeballs in grading and neglected the "break" part of spring break means getting to fully enjoy the weekends and a little more relaxed schedule.

Today I had the pleasure of watching a friend's three girls while she went to the doctor. This is when I had the realization that I live on a different planet.

Actually, probably two different planets.

When I got there, the three girls were calmly coloring pictures and listening to stories. Their mom left without a fuss, and we continued coloring, doing puzzles, listening to stories, and eating a snack until she returned.

It was so calm! Nothing compared to my two "Mom, play crashing cars into the walls with me! No, play princesses with ME!" No chasing around the house, no tattling (for the most part), no kidnapping of the princesses by the pirates...definitely a different planet. I think part of the difference is having testosterone around...Henry is 110% boy and it shows in his play style. He'll sit down and color, but it's usually a scary dinosaur or the latest, greatest space ship for a Star Wars character...and he'd much prefer something more active.

The other planetary difference was staying at home. I read people's blogs about their day, and it's hard not to get jealous of extended times with their kids, meeting friends at the mall for lunch and "control journals" to make sure all of their household tasks are getting done. I'm happy if lunch gets made in the morning and eaten at noon, and our laundry mountain is tackled on occasion :) On the other hand, I was itching to go do something--either working on a household task or going somewhere. Rare is the moment when I can just "be" with my kids--even when I make time to do it, there is usually a do to list a mile long spinning in my head.

It definitely makes the decision to not have summer students this summer so I can spend more time with the kids feel like the right one.

Lord, help me be content with my career. I know you've put me in it for a purpose and I see how you are using it, but some days I'd rather just be at home!

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Jen said...

Maybe not another about another continent? All still controlled by the same atmosphere, just a different landscape:)
And, there are days when I would LOVE to be doing something, ANYTHING outside these four (or fourteen!) walls that doesn't require baby wipes, a grocery list or fruit snacks! The grass always looks greener somewhere else, but the most content sheep are the ones who know that the grass their Shepherd leads them to is just the right diet for them. You are in the right pasture, with the right Shepherd...just different terrain to tackle.