Friday, March 7, 2008

First Place

I'm still in awe of Abraham's ability to TOTALLY place God as his highest priority. Obeying a command that goes counter to what God had already promised him--wow. That is definitely faith.

So is God really first in my life? I'm not sure I could take my son on a two day journey up the mountain, knowing that I'd have to sacrifice him at the top, let alone put him on the altar. And I haven't even been promised ancestors through him like Abraham was!

Lord, help me really put you first in my life.


Jen said...

I always think, when I read that portion of scripture, that on his way up the mountain, Abraham kept wondering how God was going to fulfill His word. I always think he must have been looking with each step for "Plan B" or another way. The awesome part of this story is his FAITH...that he obeyed, trusting God that He could take Isaac and still fulfill His promise. I can only imagine how his heart must have leapt when God showed him the sheep caught in the thorns!!! It's also such a great picture of Jesus...

Amy L Brooke said...

Thanks for visitng and entering my contest! :-)

Where in Indiana do you teach?

I went to school at the Univeristy of Evansville. Then I was on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Indiana Univeristy (probably not the small school where you're at) and Franklin College.

Have a great day!