Friday, March 14, 2008

Rebecca: I love you the purplest

If you're not playing along with the Women of the Bible discussion, I challenge you to check it out! I think Rebecca should have read the story "I love you the Purplest" by Barbara Joosse.

In the story, the mother goes fishing with her two, very differently gifted boys. As she tucks them in at the end of the day, they both ask her: Mama, who do you love the most? Mamma explains to exuberant Max that she loves him the reddest, and to thoughtful Julian that she loves him the bluest. Both boys fall asleep happy, confident in their mother's love.

It couldn't have been easy, raising twins away from her family, especially since they started fighting before they were even born. Yet a dose of "purple love" might have done the twins some good. I know they were born into a culture where the eldest got everything, but the long term effects of favoritism are so evident.

What I do love about this story (and ones that follow) is that God doesn't always choose who society chooses--he chooses the younger, booky, overlooked brother to bring forth the line of the Messiah.

Thanks, God, that you love us the purplest--you love each of us for exactly who you made us to be, and there is nothing we can do to earn more of Your love.

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