Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Catching up

Last night I worked on getting the kids' journals caught up--I did October 2007-Jan 2008. (I gotta do better about writing more regularly!) Obviously, I can't rely on my memory for that time period, so I used a combination of the calendar (where I jot things down), pictures, and my blog.

It was interesting to read my posts from that time period--what a difference a year makes! I had my second miscarriage, and was feeling pretty dark. But I did have some pretty insightful posts, including "When God says no," "The rest of the story," and "Changing Seasons".

Time gives a little perspective on these things. I think what God showed me last night was the "why" I was searching for. Look at the women of the Bible who waited (and waited and waited) for babies--Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth. What was the story with these "fall" babies? Why did God say "no" for so long?

Well, look at their children--Issac, Samuel, John the Baptist. God had special purposes for those men, definitely not ones their mothers would have chosen for them. But because they waited, they knew whose babies they really were--not theirs, but God's. They willingly gave their sons to God for his purposes.

God, this child is yours--whatever purpose you have for him/her. Maybe it's missions, but maybe it's a disability or even death. But I know this child is yours.

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Jen said...

And, for sure, Lord, we know this child is a blessing because you promise that all life is. Bless Ann and her family with peace and especailly joy in knowing what a great God you are. Amen