Monday, October 22, 2007

The REST of the story

Remember when Paul Harvey used to say that on the radio? Yeah, I'm dating myself...I'm old :)

Today the kids had dentist appts in Lafayette--they both got "A"s on their report cards. We met Amanda and Aidan for lunch, using our free Chik fila coupons, and the kids enjoyed the play area. (Sorry, Gracie, you were at preschool!)

While we had a great time and I'm happy for Amanda and her upcoming due date, being around pregnant people just brings back some angst. So I knew I needed to go for a run so I could talk to God about this...again. So despite the rain, I went running outside...the rain was actually quite fitting, given my mood. But I didn't want it to be a complaint fest, though, so I brought my MP3 player and listened to a sermon from the Ithaca Vineyard from their "Just walk across the room" series. It was about telling your story...and God's story

So I thought about my story. We've been doing "Life-timonies" in Life Group lately, and I did mine last week. I definitely need to write it out, or at least practice--the "old" stuff I've got figured out what I should say, but not much past my salvation story...a Lifetimony that's missing 10+ years of info isn't the best!

But what I clearly heard from God today was the miscarriage story isn't done yet. There is a "so" that will come in the "In 2007 I had two miscarriages, so..."

And as I approached home, I could see and hear Henry and Harmony cheering for me on the porch. It was very sweet, and although I returned looking like I had already taken a shower, it was exactly what I needed to get my head back in the right direction.

Thanks, God, that you're not done with my story yet. And thanks that there is a great cloud of witnesses that cheers for us as we run the race.

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