Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday--Simple rules

The school I teach at has a grand total of one rule. While our household isn't quite that simple, we have gone with a few basic rules, like:

--People are more important than stuff.
--Don't distract the driver.
--Love one another.

It's a fairly short list, but it covers many different things. It also means we don't need a rule for every possible infraction--they're covered by these larger, overarching principles. So for example, when Henry was blowing a whistle in the car, it was easy to tell him to please stop because that is distracting to the driver. We didn't need a specific rule about "no blowing whistles in the car"; it was covered by the bigger principle.

And by stating things in the positive, we hope that they'll be ingrained as the kids grow older. So perhaps when they start driving, they will understand that their main focus when driving should be the road, not their cell phone, the radio, or other occupants in the car (we can hope, can't we?)

So what works for you this week? Please visit Shannon to share yours!


Blessed said...

I like simple rules and agree that they are much easier for children to grasp and then understand that not every single little thing has to have a rule - it's the principle that matters! Great post.

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Jen said...

We're big on the "people are more important than stuff" rule, too. It solves a multitude of problems:)

pam at beyondjustmom said...

Great advice! My favorite is "people are more important that stuff."