Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Top Ten things I should get done before having this baby

10. Get some lab samples in the freezer.
9. Write exam questions for one of my classes.
8. Grade incoming papers for the other class.
7. Meet and interview four candidates (which would require not having this baby for another 10 days).
6. Write letters for Faculty Development Committee.
5. Figure out what labs we're going to do in Biochem next semester...and write them.
4. Submit prep sheet for biodiesel lab next week.
3. Get people to fill out biochem program matrix.
2. Get the kids' journals up to date.
1. Write out detailed directions about kids' morning and bedtime routines.

Top Ten things I got done today!
10. Mailed thank yous to visitors to my class.
9. Cleaned up the half of the lab where the new hire would go.
8. Graded a bunch of reading summaries and movie reports.
7. Graded Gen Chem homework.
6. Got grade book printout to person taking over my labs.
5. Had a lunch date with Patrick.
4. Got the good deals for the week at CVS and Walgreens.
3. Was Parent Helper in Henry's class.
2. Saw Harmony do a cartwheel at dance lessons.
1. Voted!

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Jen said...

Those are BOTH huge lists! Here's to getting things accomplished, as well as making time to rest while you can!

I put up a list today, too...though I cut and pasted for an easy post:)