Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Top Ten Tuesdays: Signs that it's time to have this baby

10. The baby has more clean clothes than you do.
9. You're sleeping less than if there was a newborn in the house.
8. The house has been taken over by baby paraphenalia.
7. You feel like a time bomb...will I make it through lecture today?
6. Bags are packed...for you, for baby, for older kids.
5. If one more person says "you've dropped" or "not much longer," you'd like to scream.
4. You'd like to avoid #5, but know that if you don't make an appearance at various events, you'll get calls, wondering if you've had the baby yet.
3. Labor doesn't sound so bad, compared to current physical complaints.
2. The expiration date on the milk is after your due date (granted, I drink ultra-pasteurized milk...)
1. The "turkey timer" (belly button) has popped out :)


Jen said...

A midwife I know says you labor like you live...so, if you tend to run late etc., you will go into labor a bit later. If you are punctual and put together, you labor tends to be a bit more timely etc.

All my labors were TOTALLY different, so when I teased her about that, she said it probably meant I am just very accommodating. How diplomatic.

I'm guessing it will be sometime next week...praying a lot for you these days (and nights!).

Kim said...

I'm praying that this baby comes soon. Although I feel for you, it's nice to know that other pregnant women feel the way I did at the end. Misery loves company and all that. You just want to meet the little person that has been taking up residence on your bladder for the last 9 months. Here's hoping he/she makes a safe debut soon.

jan said...

I love the "turkey timer"! :-)
Have you tried jumping on a mini-tramp? That's what I did with #3 and boy did it work!
Hang in there-a month from now you'll have forgotten all the miseries.