Monday, October 27, 2008

The downside of learning to read...

Yesterday after church, I took Henry and Harmony to the mall. Henry is in desperate need of pants that are long enough, skinny enough, and comfortable enough that he will a) wear them, b)not look ridiculous in them and c)not have them fall off while doing normal boy things.

After a very successful Kohl's trip, including Henry picking out a dressy outfit (button down shirt, pants, vest and tie) that he HAD to have, we went to McD's for lunch. Henry's into reading signs and anything else he sees, so here was the conversation...

Henry: (sounding it out) Hoo-ters. What kind of store is that?
Me: It's a restaurant.
Henry: That's a silly name for a restaurant.
Me: Yup. (what else are you going to say??)
Henry: Why do they call it Hooters?
Me: (Thinking fast) See the owl on the sign? What does an owl say?
Henry: Hoo hoo hooo (Henry does a pretty good owl impersonation!)
Me: So something that says "hoo" is a "hooter." Get it?
Henry: I still think it's a silly name. I hope I get a car in my Happy Meal?

Oy. Life was definitely easier before he could read!

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