Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snickers vs. water

It is completely a conspiracy that the stores have Halloween candy on sale so far before trick or treating actually happens.

And somehow, my brain thinks that chocolate should be able to cure anything.

Frustrated with your kids? Have some chocolate.
Tired but have a long to do before you can go to bed? Eat a piece of chocolate.
Trying to not bite a hole in your tongue? Eat some chocolate.
Need a snack? Have some chocolate.

But once again, eating chocolate just leaves me feeling fat...and completely unsatisfied. That fun sized bar wasn't enough...but somehow, it's never enough.

Turns out a glass of ice cold water (preferably with crushed ice) is much more satisfying.

Huh. Not too unlike my spiritual life...usually what I don't need is the quick fix, but a long drink of the Living Water....

1 comment:

Jen said...

Oh, I would have to add to that list...
breathing--eat chocolate
ran a mile--eat chocolate
bad hair day--eat chocolate
good hair day--eat chocolate

basically, any excuse! We have a rule that I don't buy chocolate or cookies unless we are planning to give most of it away or use it on company. Even hard to resist.