Monday, October 6, 2008

Random Thoughts for Monday I can get them out of my head and get some work done.

1. I wish my mouth had a rewind...or I had stopped when I should have.
2. I hope my mom finds her credit card (and some peace).
3. I hope Henry learns to sleep through the night before the baby arrives. Despite going to bed at a reasonable hour, I couldn't sleep (see #1, plus baby acrobatics made it hard to get comfortable) so I got up and posted (see below). When I headed back to bed at 1:30, Henry was there--he said there were big buzzing bugs in his bed. I got him the flyswatter, and prayed over him...but he still wanted me to lay with him. An hour later (and several attempts to leave before that) I finally got to go back to my own bed. He was back in our bed at 5...there just isn't room, so once he fell asleep, I carried him back to his bed. Needless to say, it was a sleep in and drop Henry off at school morning.
4. I need to find another 11 passenger certified adult van driver to go on a field trip with me next Tuesday.
5. Why do you have to have a group of 20 to qualify as a "group" for any discounts? It's almost cheaper to buy three "throw away" tickets than to go as a group of 17...

Back to work!

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