Saturday, May 3, 2008

We did it!

My brother Mark and I ran the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon this morning! We both did really well--he finished at the time we seeded ourselves at, 2 hrs 15 minutes, and I finished at 2 hrs 29 minutes (one minute faster than last year). I was happy I was close to last year, considering everything.

I learned lots from the Mini-Marathon last year. Those lessons were apparent this year too, but the bigger experience was running with Mark.

We were running together at a good pace, neither too fast nor too slow, for the first three miles. Then he stopped to use the restroom, saying "I'll catch up". By mile six (entering the Indy 500 racetrack), I still hadn't seen him. By then, I needed to use the restroom, so I used the ones on the track. I was afraid he'd pass me while I was in there, but there weren't a lot of options--if I waited for him to catch me, then either he'd have to wait for me, or I'd have to try to catch up--and I was pushing it as I was. So I went.

Meanwhile, he passed me. So I ended up spending 10 of 13 miles wondering where my brother was, instead of enjoying his company. I looked for him at the finish line, but didn't see him. I finally found him at the bag claim--I checked to make sure his bag was still there (which it was), and just waited until he came.

Two lessons: stick together...and somehow, our baggage reunites us. Interesting. I'll have to do the Biblical analysis later :)


Kim said...

Congrats! There were a lot of people I know who ran it yesterday. Interesting lessons. :-)

JAN said...

Wow! Congratulations! I couldn't run that far if my life depended on it. Walk, yes. Run? No. Way.
It's wonderful that you and brother were able to run "together". (At least the thought was there.:-) )
Both of my brothers live far, far away and I miss them....