Friday, May 23, 2008

From my friend Abby

My friend Abby from church is due any day now. Her mom died of cancer near Christmas time, and her sister has another, very aggressive cancer too. Here is a letter from Abby:

I wanted to share my sister's story and music with you all. Many of you have been praying for Katie already- thank you! I appreciate your support, encouragement, and prayers throughout the past couple of years.

My sister, Katie, has been dealing with a rare tumor and is undergoing chemo treatment right now. There is an organization that has been launched today, May 23rd (Katie's birthday) that is designed to help Katie share her music, her voice, and her story over the next year.

If you have a bit of time, please check out You will have a chance to hear her amazing music and her story.

Thank you for your support, friendship, and love.


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Kelsey said...

Your family should come stay at the ranch! Then Henry could be a cowboy for a week!